Questions? Contact us at
Questions? Contact us at
Welcome to 4 days to change your life!
If you could change your business, body, & life in four days, what would that change for you?

Go from "it’s hard" to "it’s easy!" Discover that the life of your dreams is truly just a choice.
Learn How to UNLEASH the Incredible Energy Available to Your Body, Business, & Life.
Let Go of Your Judgments. Make an Impact. Change Your Life.  

Create the Change LIVE Events
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What Would Life Look Like If You were being money?
Choose Where in the World You'd like to Come Play!
Aspen, Colorado | OCTOBER 2 - 6
Have you attended a LIVE "No Judgment Event" during the last 18 months? You may be eligible for alumni pricing. Contact the team for more details.
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2-hour live evening session with Katherine McIntosh. The NJD "taster" is designed to best prepare you for the live event ahead. Get a taste of what living a life free of judgment would be like!

NJD 2-Hour Live Event Dates >
Aspen, Colorado                                  October 2
London, UK                                           October 9
Paris, France *                                     October 16
Budapest, Hungary                           November 7
This "taster" will help you to...
  • Learn strategies you can implement immediately.
  • ​Discover the tools to transform your life.
  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of this fun, joyful and transformational process.
  NJD 3-day LIVE
Three Day
3-day live event with Katherine McIntosh. Discover how to put it all together with no judgment and the support of a master facilitator - body processes, clearings, exercises, activities...

NJD 3-Day Live Event Dates >
Aspen, Colorado                                October 4-6
London, UK                                     October 11-13
Paris, France *                                October 18-20
Budapest, Hungary                      November 8-10
  • An adventure beyond anything you could imagine. 
  • ​A sense of communion with your body.
  • ​Empowered with tools to change EVERY area of your life.
  • ​A manual to support you on the adventure of LIVING.
  NJD Deep Dive 
4-Day live event with Katherine McIntosh. The Deep Dive is an additional day (held before the 3-Day Live event), focused on the hands-on experience. Learn how to unveil your awareness of the body! 

NJD Deep Dive Live Event Dates >
Aspen, Colorado                                October 3-6
London, UK                                     October 10-13
Paris, France *                                October 17-20
Budapest, Hungary                                         ---
This event is perfect for...
  • Body workers, Healers, Therapists & Facilitators.
  • ​Parents & Teachers.
  • ​Caregivers.
  • ​Anyone ready to activate your body's innate ability to change the areas of your life.

** Alumni Pricing Available **

*** Audio Recordings Included In Ticket Price ***

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What's My Investment?
"It’s been a month since my deep dive and 3 day Live in Glenwood Springs, CO.
So much has changed in my life. I’m choosing for me…
Since gaining weight, I’ve had a charge on how my legs (upper thighs) were looking and would never show them…now? Let’s just say…they don’t make a skirt short enough!!! 😊 Lol
And it’s only been a week!! People tell me that I look years younger.
If you’re delaying attending a 3 day live event…I’d say GO FOR IT!! I’m so glad I did it!! I would not take my one-month-ago-life back for all the tea in China 😍"
Donna Tulopo-Dandridge
njd live event
What's My Investment?
How much is not letting go of the judgments costing you? How many years have you lost second guessing yourself and not believing in your dreams? How many of your dreams never get off the ground because you don’t believe they are possible? How many opportunities are you passing on because you don't even see them? How long are you prepared to keep constantly judging yourself and not live your full potential? Not letting go of the judgments may already be costing you a great deal.




Includes A Taste of NJD 2-hour evening session.




    Includes A Taste of NJD 2-hour evening session.
      *Registration fee does not include hotel accommodations.
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      VIP EXPerience
      2,997 1,997
      VIP upgrade only available with the NJD Deep Dive 4-day event. 
      Includes A Taste of NJD 2-hour evening session.

        FREE VIP EXPERIENCE when you register and pay by 
        September 22, 11.59 pm PST**
        This exclusive offer goes away when the countdown hits zero.
        What You'll Get FREE...
        when you register and pay by September 22, 11.59 pm PST.
        • Exclusive VIP lunch with Katherine McIntosh (value $197) 
        • 1 FREE access pass to the next scheduled Ditch the Judgments Challenge* (value $3179)
        • 4 exclusive group coaching sessions after event (value $697)
        • Premium seating at the event (value $300)
        • Signed copy of the No Judgment Diet™ Bestselling Book (value $97)
        • And more! (total value over $4,470)
        *The next Ditch the Judgments Challenge is scheduled to start on October 7th.
        **Special Offer on the "VIP Experience" is not available for register only, to secure your spot you must register & pay by September 22, 11.59pm PST.
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        Transform Your Body

        Expand Your Business

        GET CLEAR ON YOUR Future
        Increase your Vitality

         Activate, Align, and Actualize 
        Your Dreams

        NJD DEEP DIVE 
        NJD Deep Dive Will Change the Way You... 
        Create Every Area of Your Life!
        What if your body already knows how to create your life? Are you ready to activate your body's innate ability to heal itself, heal others, change the areas of your life that aren't working and so much more!

        The Deep Dive is an additional day held BEFORE the 3-Day Live event, where we teach you how to play with energy, increase your intuition, and follow your knowing to become a better mother, better parent, better business owner, better massage therapist, and so much more. 

        If you work with other people in any way or you simply want to work on yourself, this class will give you a level of space and peace and knowing you may not have ever experienced before.
        Questions? Contact Us at:

        What does your body know? Are you ready to find out?
        NJD 3-DAY LIVE
        Transform Your Life In Just 3 Days
        DAY 1
        Transform Your Story
        Easily, quickly, and effectively discover how to transform the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and fears you’ve used to stop you into fuel to create your life. The limitations, fears, and doubts are not real. They only have power over your life if you give them power. Day One is all about re-wiring your body, brain, and nervous system to go from hesitation and story to possibility and greatness. 
        DAY 2
        Get Clear on Your Future
        Once we’ve cleared the old imprinting out of the body, we start to get clear on building the future. Most people don’t know how to get clear and structure their asks because they don’t want to miss out on anything, so they tend to be too general. When we’re too general, it diminishes the potency of what you can attract. When you are clear on where you want to go, you can get there quicker...
        DAY 3
        Put it All Together
        This is where we put it all together. When you experience the shifts in your body, and you can swap between the old way and the new way, you & your body will not want to go back to the old way.
        Got questions? Contact us at:
        A Four Day Adventure Like Never Before!!
        Your Body is one of the greatest tools of awareness!  

        What if your body held within it all the resources you need to succeed?

        Succeed in Body, Health, Business, Relationships & Wealth

        Have you ever had a brilliant idea, or you get inspired to change something you've always wanted to change, but didn't quite know how.

        You get really excited, and then you share your dreams, aspirations, visions with someone and they start to give you all the reasons why...
        • Why you can't succeed...
        • Why you shouldn't start a business...
        • Why it will be hard...
        • Why it will take forever... 
        • Why you might not have the money to do so...
        • Why it's a crazy idea...
        • Why you shouldn't waste your time...
        And then your excitement starts to dwindle, or you start to doubt you. You start to doubt your knowing and you start to doubt the possibilities...

        This happens to most people in almost every area of's a huge reason why only 5% of entrepreneurs are successful, 5% of dieters are successful, 5% of elite athletes are successful.

        But here's the truth...If you don't doubt you, you have the capacity to 
        create greatness, to inspire others, to build what you truly desire 
        and to watch your life change as well as the lives of all those around you...

        When you don't pay attention to the nay sayers, to the negativity, to the doubts, and to the judgments of others, you can access your awareness and have the space and discover what's truly possible beyond the judgments.

        Judgments destroy business, they destroy relationships, and they destroy your bodies...

        Ignoring our judgments can be an extremely costly endeavor.

        So my friends.. if you are tired of pretending, tired of hiding, tired of saying you'll do it next week, next month, next year....

        Waiting can be the most costly thing you can choose. When you choose mediocrity, your entire life suffers.
        It impacts your entire life.

        It slows your metabolism, affects your relationships, makes you miss the important things in life, your body starts to break down, but worse, you miss out on the impact you can make in the world.

        It is time to listen to your gut intuition and truly discover that your knowing has within it all the resources you need to bring greatness to fruition.

        Wake Up.  

        The World is Waiting for you to no longer hide, to stop making excuses, to step in and be the magic and gift you came here to be.

        You are here to shine, to impact the world, and create change...

        You were not born to hide.

        This four day class will give you a window into a different possibility with your body, your business, your relationships, your parenting, your ability to create money & your ability to trust and know that if you truly want to...

        You can create, have, and BE anything you desire.  

        The question is...

        Are you willing to choose it?
        Katherine McIntosh
        I know you're probably thinking...
        "All of this just can't be possible in one live event!"
        Don't take my word for it...Check out what people are saying!
        Create a Business, Body, & Life You Love!
        What do you get during these 4 Days?
        • Discover How to Change Any Area of Your Life
        • Increase Your Joy
        • Transform Your Body
        • Get Clear on Your Vision
        • Stop Worrying about What Other People Think
        • Develop a Relationship With Your Body that Transforms Your Whole Being
        • Get Clear on the Future your Body Can Help You Create
        • Release Old Patterns & Lies
        • Activate the Energies That Make You Look & Feel Younger
        • Erase Wrinkles
        • Smooth Your Skin
        • Have more Energy
        • Increase Your Vitality
        • Create more Abundance in Every Area of Your Life
        • Run Body Processes that will Increase Your Metabolism, Give you More Peace, & Help you Change Any Area of your Body & Life that isn't Working
        Here's what you get...
        • 4+ Days of Life-Changing, Body Transforming Days that Can Empower You to Change EVERY AREA of Your Life
        • 100 Plus Page Manual with Access Consciousness Body Processes
        • MP3 Audio Recordings of the Class
        • Personal and Group Facilitation
        • Gift and Receive 3 different body processes which you can integrate into your current business or personal practice
        This event is a four-day experience 
        you have never had before!

        Check out what others had to say...
        If you could change your life in four plus days, 
        what would that change for you?

        Feel Supported & Have a Tribe to Celebrate & Encourage You.

        I don't even know where to start..... 

        I guess before anything else I would like say THANK YOU! 
        This program couldn't have had better timing! By the time I saw your program I was feeling frustrated, disappointed and had no idea of what else to do or who or where to turn to.... I felt I had reached a dead end. This program has been a life saver! I have felt so accompanied during this adventure... profound. .. and calming. Thank you so much for everything.

        Dayan, Guatemala

        This Class Can Transform Your Business!!

        What if your body knows how to generate and create your business in a way you never thought possible?  

        Did you know that the stomach has more brain stem cells in it than your brain?  So when you get a gut feeling, it's actually your body's way of telling you that crazy idea that you had yesterday about your business, or about creating something that doesn't exist on the planet.  That is your body's way of inviting you to listen to the whispers of greatness!!

        If you can perceive it, if you can dream it, then you have all of the resources inside of you to bring that idea into existence!!

        Don't look outside of you for success. Look Inside, because there, when no one else can see it, when no one else can believe it, are all the cellular blueprints to the greatness inside of you!!

        What do you know about business that no one else knows?  Don't give up your knowing!  Give up your judgments and allow the greatness to shine through and surprise you!!

        Transform Your Relationship With Your Body. Transform Your Life!

        Thanks for sharing about the journals, I have some laying around taking up space, when I look inside it reminds me of how much I have changed for the better and best I can be, right now.
        Thank you for showing me how to be in my beautiful body. Back then I would have never acknowledged my body as beautiful, your class has been a magical contribution to me and my life and future. Thank you Kathrine for being your beautiful self. - Letty

        Waking Up to Magic & Miracles
        Wow what journey this has been.. this naked, vulnerable, open, exciting...
        and somewhat soul shaking journey!
        Thank you, thank you for the BEING you BE!!
        A flicker of joy is a rising and you are the one who helped that flicker of
        the flame of joy ignite. Already some magic and miracles are turning up in my life-and I'm so grateful. 

        Increased Capacities with Clients

        OMG I have to share how magnified, spacious and potent my energy and body and access work was today on my clients! Thank you Katherine for assisting me in stepping into the expansive world changing me I be! All my clients are choosing to step into the magnificent being they be, and the awareness work I did was so beyond anything I have ever done before! - Marsha

        Money Flows & Forgiveness
        Katherine- Just wanted to send you another huge Thank You! 
         Not only did you help me before with the whole forgiving myself thing but recently my money flows burst WIDE open! Thank you Thank you Thank you! What a gift You are! 
         - Heidi 
        Turn it Up!  Receiving, Money, Joy, Body, Being

        October 16 - 7pm - 9pm
        The Secret Money Forgot to Tell Your Body!

        October 17 - 10am - 6pm
        The Possibilities with Business

        October 18 - 20 - 10am - 6pm

        Best two hours I have ever spent!

        WOW!  The energy, the tools, and the clearings were amazing. I am looking forward to all the changes that will occur over the next 3 weeks.
        I feel blessed to have experienced this time with you and look forward to more classes in the future. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!   
        - Phyllis St Laurent    
        Here's What Transformed for Others:
        Contact the team at
        or for questions!
        No Judgment Diet™ - COPYRIGHT 2019 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 
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