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Turn it Up! 
Receiving. Money. Joy. Body. Being.
Paris October 16th, 2019
7pm - 9pm
*** $150 ***
What if receiving the energy of everything while being present with your body could

Activate and energize your future?  

Make you more money?  

Light up your body?

Activate you Being More of You?

Come experience a night of what can occur when you turn up your body, 
turn up your being, turn up your receiving & turn down the judgment.

Do you remember when you were a little kid, you thought everything was possible?

It was all possible.....

Until you started to:

 **try to fit in
**make yourself wrong
**get it right
**judge you
**hide in shame
**feel alone and believe that your situation is different

I've been there and always felt like no one knew my story. And if they didn't know my story, the pain, the suffering, the tears, the using food to medicate the pain, the sadness, the lack of confidence, and the insecurity, and no one to turn to, then they couldn't help me.

I tried absolutely everything.

The No Judgment Diet is the missing piece that blends the tools of transformation with the processes to create a different mindset, a different reality, and newfound reason to embrace the joy of living and come out on the other side with time to breathe, awareness to create, and the drive and enthusiasm to truly LIVE!

Come experience a night of joy, laughter, and an energy that you have been asking for, 
but didn't know how to achieve until now!  

Transform Your Body. Transform Your Being. Transform Your Business. Transform Your Life.

*** $150 ***
What would your life BE like without judgment?

Are you willing to find out?

A two hour Taster to pick up some tips, tools and processes to reduce the judgment and increase the fun, joy and laughter of your living.

Is now the time?
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