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Is your Body ready for a revolution?
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Here's What You'll Get:
  • 6 Modules of HD Video Training
  • 5 Video Lessons in Each Module
  • Each Video is short & digestible
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios of each video lesson
  • Downloadable PDF's with Practice Tools for each lesson
  • Clearing Loops to unwind the unconscious patterning that keeps you stuck
  • Action guides with Tools, Questions and Clearings
  • Access to Private Facebook Group to get support, clarity, ask questions, & keep you going
  • Quick and Helpful Email Support

    Bonus: 4 x 90 minute bonus calls
  • Bonus: 3 Clearing Loops & 1 Expansion Exercise
  • Bonus: 90 Minute Class Filmed in front of a Live Studio Audience
  • Bonus: 6 Live Group Coaching Calls with Katherine
What People Are Saying!

I'm Now Free From Chronic Exhaustion thanks to Katherine!

"I have experienced chronic exhaustion from over-thinking and being a martyr to motherhood + caretaking. The No Judgment Diet and Katherine's teachings have equipped me to release the voices of criticism that have me over-committed and under-nourished. I am now, mostly, happy and vibrant. Less procrastination, more ease and dare I say I'm a better mom? I dare!"  - Lila, USA

My Mole Completely Disappeared!

"Well something very interesting happen .... I had a mole in my face that was growing so it was bigger and bigger bizarre so almost to the end of my 30 day exploration with the no judgment diet suddenly disappear i have nothing in my cheek i'll send you pictures it was awesome"  - Marcela, Mexico.

I am so grateful I choose all of this for me!

"This is a phenomenal class that Katherine facilitates to amazing depths with such speed, it’s beyond comprehension, secrets, lies, crippling, destructive, limited beliefs were exposed and eliminated with laser precision by Katherine and also great kindness, care, and lots of humor and laughter.
I am so grateful I choose all of this for me. What else is possible now?!"
 - Catherine Burton - Ireland 

 I felt such a magic!

"When I saw you in Milwaukee, I felt such a magic in the room between all of us, and a woman traveling around the world with her young child and fabulous people to support both mother and child everywhere they go, the mother thriving in her work and the child thriving in the flow created by that and I said, “I’ll have some of that!” Smiling and so delighted, to have more and be more and know more of myself with you. Thank you, boa noite and wowwwwwww!"
-Tanya Parker - USA

Now I see the beauty and strength!

"Before doing the no judgement diet when I looked in the mirror all I saw was the wrongness of me and my body shape not fitting the norm. Now I see the beauty and strength and have tools to change the days when this doesn't come with ease."
 -Nicola Stevens, Australia

The blocks I have been carrying around for 50 years have suddenly dissolved!

"My whole life has opened up to exciting new possibilities. This workshop was unlike any other. It was fun, experiential, life changing. I can’t wait to do it again."
 - Mary H, Limerick, Ireland

NJD allows you to dig deeper on a cellular level than any other programs out there
And if you choose to open up to the real courage within you, your life will become so much more freer and abundant in all areas. A truly magical transformational 3 days.
Thank you.
~ E. Rogers ~ Cheshire ~ UK

4 part video series - Thank you so much for providing this free video series.
 I have learned so much. I have identified myself throughout your videos and am already applying the counsel you gave. One thing that I've started doing is stopping the judgement and adding the gratitude; and also identifying when the thought is not mine. It has changed my outlook on myself and the world. One time when I identified that the thought wasn't mine, I felt so free. I am learning to do this more and more consistently and really be aware of my thoughts throughout the day. I've done affirmations and tried to change my body image for years but nothing resonated until seeing your video and realizing all the root causes of my frustrations and issues. I know I have a lot of work still to do, but even one minute of letting go of the negativity and judgement and letting the gratitude enter is a lot to me.

Evelyn - US

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