Do You Know Only 4% of Women Worldwide Know This Secret?
What would your life be like... 

If you no longer struggled with your weight?
If you no longer had pain?
If you could have the body shape you desire?
If you could increase your metabolism?
If you could increase your health and wellbeing?
If you knew how beautiful you were?
If you could see the beauty in yourself?

You may not believe any of this is possible...
but what if there is a way? 
My target is to invite 10 million bodies out of judgment. ~ Katherine McIntosh
What if you and your body weren't wrong?
What if your clothes size, age, weight, height, sex didn't play a role in your happiness?  What then?  What kind of life would be possible?

In 2010, I was overweight, frustrated and fed up with the way I felt in my body.

I had tried over 100 diets and exercise programs and spent over $200,000 in diets, exercises,           programs, pills, alternative healing modalities, therapies, and psychologists. 

And still when I looked in the mirror I felt the overwhelming disappointment of the reflection I saw. 

No amount of diet or exercise...or starving myself to death changed the way I felt about my body or myself.  

Once I discovered the tools and processes that helped me change the way I was with my body, my entire life changed....

When you actually change the one thing you thought you'd never be able to change.....
your entire life can open up before your eyes....

A world of possibilities becomes available to you that you never thought possible.

If you could change the thing you thought you'd never be able to change......

What would your life be like?

Hi, I'm Katherine McIntosh.
I struggled with my body, weight, image and self-esteem my entire life. I never really knew how much it was affecting every area of my life. 

Exhausted and defeated after spending over $200,000 on diets, gimmicks, therapy and alternative means, I discovered that it had nothing to do with food, diets and my body

Once I discovered the secret, and found the tools of Access Consciousness, I changed my body, I rewired my entire way of being, and every area of my life changed with it. 

Since then, I've built an international business, am an Intuitive Consultant, have spoken on stages all over the world, am a best selling author, have travelled with my 4.5 year old, have worked with some of the most incredible people on the planet, have more energy and joy and a level of freedom I never thought possible. 

Until I changed the way I looked at my body, weight, food and self esteem, I never knew how much my obsession was holding me back.

What if what's holding you back isn't what you thought?

Are you ready to free yourself from the struggle?

From someone who never thought there was a way, there is...
Welcome to the No Judgment Diet - A whole new way of being with your body.
90 DAY COURSE in Possibilities!

What if changing your life and changing the story with your body could be adventure like never before?  
Laughter, change, and possibilities are waiting for you.....
If you've ever tried a diet and felt the euphoria of feeling successful...then you know what it's like to have more energy, feel confident, enjoy your body, feel sexy, take risks, and so much more.  

And then...time passes, and you get tired and go off the diet, and then the feelings of euphoria wear off and you start to doubt you, your body, your choices...and you start searching for the next thing that will give you that shot of adrenaline, self-esteem, and personal knowing.  

Only problem matter how much success you've had with your body, there is still an internal struggle with you, your body, weight, food, and your appearance.

What if.....there was a way you could trust you always?
In 2014 alone, Americans spent over $64 Billion on diets that didn't work!
The No Judgment Diet is designed to 
unwind the unconscious blocks 
not only with your body, but also with 
your business, money flows, health, energy, relationships, 
and every other area of your life.

Is it time you let the magic in?

What would your future look like if you chose this?
90 DAY COURSE in Possibilities!

What if changing your life and changing the story with your body could be adventure like never before?  
Laughter, change, and possibilities are waiting for you.....
Here's What You Get
6 Modules of HD Video Training
5 Video Lessons in Each Module
PDF  Guides with Tools, Questions and Clearings to                      expedite the effectiveness of the course
Personal access to Katherine & Private Facebook Group
Weekly Facebook Lives in the Private Facebook Group
Lifetime Access to the Course
The majority of these tools and processes were taken from Access Consciousness.  It will change the way you create your           life!  Access Consciousness - All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory!
PLUS BONUSES... see below
Here's a Breakdown of the Entire 90 Day Course Curriculum
A Course in Possibilities
Module 1 - Getting Started Guide - Setting you and your                        body up for success
Module 2 - Removing the Unconscious Blocks
Module 3 - Re-Wiring your brain and body for Success                            Creating new Patterns & Behaviors that Last
Module 4 - Communion With Your Body
Module 5 - Letting Go of Order - Unleash the energy &                          potency of your body, Increase Your                                      Awareness With your Body, & Discover the                            JOY that’s possible
Module 6 - The Chaos of Possibilities with Your Body                              What’s Actually True - Setting you up for a                            whole new way of being
  • 90 minute class filmed in front of a live studio audience
  • 50+ page E-Book with 10 steps to Changing Your Body Now
  • Audio Version of the E-Book
  • 4 90 minute bonus calls 
  • 3 Bonus Clearing Loops (with a bonus exercise)
  • And so much more
If you are ready to discover your body’s unique blueprint and eliminate second guessing you, your body, your choices, your relationships and your life ever again.….

and stop the emotional dieting and weight yo-yo roller-coaster
 this course will teach you exactly how to develop a totally different relationship 
with you, your life, and your living.
What are some of the benefits possible with The No Judgment Diet?
  • Lose up to 60 pounds
  • Lose over 4 or more dress sizes
  • Decrease the fat in your body
  • Increase your muscle tone
  • Crave Different Foods
  • Increase Your Self-Esteem
  • Let go of past trauma in body
  • Change pain in the body
  • Look and feel younger
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Gain more confidence

    **These Benefits Are Possible IF you work the program, commit to the mirror exercise, clearing loops, calls, and show up every day.  This program is designed to re-wire the way you see yourself...but you must DO the program to experience the benefits
  • discover foods your body actually loves 
  • more intimacy with your relationships
  • increase your body’s athletic ability
  • increase your muscle tone
  • lose weight
  • more vitality
  • more youthfulness
  • develop a healthy glow
  • change the disease in your body
  • diminish skin blemishes and acne
  • discover the clothes your body loves

    DISCLAIMER:  Other side affects include (but not limited to): Increase in Money Flows, Better Sex, More Orgasms, Random Fits of Joy, Unexpected Laughter, Things Showing Up as if by Magic, More Presence in Every Area of Your Life!
Is it time for something different?
90 DAY COURSE in Possibilities!

What if changing your life and changing the story with your body could be adventure like never before?  
Laughter, change, and possibilities are waiting for you.....
Check Out What More People Had To Say
 about Katherine and the Course!
"This class is still rocking my world & all those whose lives I have the pleasure to encounter!
Infinite gratitude for opening the door to choose infinite joy!!! What else is possible, has no limits!!
I am changed forever for the better, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and beyond!!!
An out for this world experience!! Life is all about choices & I look forward to all the possibilities & more!!"  -DG, 
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