Discover the secrets to transforming your body,
transforming your business, and transforming your life!

Gain the Confidence to Exercise the Energetic Muscles 
That Change Your life.

Can you Imagine what your life would be like if you never doubted you?
A Course in Possibilities

**90 Days of Online Coaching, Support, Videos, PDFs, and Clearings that you Have Lifetime Access to!

What if changing your life and changing the story with your body could be adventure like never before?  
Laughter, change, and possibilities are waiting for you.....

This course doesn't make you watch what you eat, 
this course empowers you to discover the types of foods that your body thrives on. 

It empowers you to trust your gut, 
to make informed decisions based on your knowing, but ultimately 
this course will do what no diet promises to do....

This won't just change your external game, 
this will empower you from the inside out. 

And when you discover that nothing and no one can stop you 
from achieving your dreams:

You will change your life, take risks that support you, 
become more confident in your choices, transform your business, 
be more available for your family, be more present for your children
and pay more attention to your loved ones....

The No Judgment Diet is designed to 
unwind the unconscious blocks 
not only with your body, but also with 
your business, money flows, health, energy, relationships, 
and every other area of your life.

Is it time you let the magic in?

What if your clothes size, age, weight, height, & sex 
didn't play a role in your happiness?

What kind of life would be possible?

Don't take my word for it....

Listen to the people whose lives transformed by using the tools to truly 
have the confidence to do things they would have never done before.

Watch Art as he talks about how he went sky diving for his 80th Birthday.

When I met Art, his body had been crippled by arthritis, and in one session, his arthritis had diminished so that he was able to move his body in ways he hadn't in years.

He said that this one thing transformed his life and he realized that even in his late 70s, life was too short to spend worrying and wasting time.

Janelle said if it wasn't for the tools in The No Judgment Diet, she may not have survived.  
This Course took her from depressed and hopeless to taking risks, making more money, changing her body, and trusting her in ways she hadn't before...

She was even the first of her family to make a move across the country and start living 
out her passion.  She combined the tools in A Course in Possibilities 
with the point system of Weight Watchers to achieve a different possibility with her body.

Watch the video below for 5 incredible stories of change from 5 different individuals


Would you like to have those kinds of results?

What if you and your body weren't wrong?
My name is Katherine McIntosh and I am the founder of The No Judgment Diet.  I believe that if you trust your body and understand the ways it communicates with you, you'll not only lose weight, feel sexier, healthier and be more confident, but you will start to make choices that can and will change your life. 

You see, I spent 20 years thinking I was fat and ugly, and that mind set led me to two decades of self-destructive behavior, bad marriages, a loss of over 1.5 Million Dollars, and so much more. 

When I discovered the secrets of what committing to a life of No Judgment actually creates, my entire life changed. 

I lost over 20 lbs while eating eggs, cheese, bacon, icecream, chocolate, and more. 

I stopped worrying about what my butt looked like in my jeans. 

I stopped feeling insecure and as a result of that...I stopped spending over 8-12 hours a day worrying about what I ate, what I didn't eat, how much I did or didn't exercise, how many calories I consumed versus how many calories I think I burned. 

I stopped worrying about the size of my thighs, the shape of my butt, what people thought about me when they saw me and my body...and I started to create my life. 

I created a business where I generated over 6 figures in less than 10 months while nursing an infant and traveling the world.

I don't say this to brag...I say this because I never thought I could change my body or my self-esteem about my body.  But I did....and once I got through the tough parts, the rest was easy.
What would your future look like if you no longer had to struggle with your body?
When I first discovered these tools, I remember thinking...
I'll never be able to change the way I feel about my body.  There's no way I'll ever be happy.  

You see, I was the girl who was convinced that something was seriously wrong with her.  I had always felt like other people could eat the foods they loved, but not me.  I was always destined to be puffier, have a harder time losing weight, need to be very strict with my diet.

That was....


I discovered the tools in A Course in Possibilities and I learned that if I ate strawberries, I would get puffy, tomatoes made me bloated, my body didn't like soy, but when I ate ice cream without judgment I LOST weight!!

Once I started to easily find out what foods did and didn't work for my body,

I lost 4 dress sizes in just a few months.  I changed shape.  I felt younger, prettier, skinnier...and even better I had more self-confidence because I finally felt empowered that I knew I could trust me and trust my body.

I remember the first time that I felt like I had finally gained was the best feeling in the world!

I will never forget that moment.

It changed my life, but it also changed the lives of hundreds of people from all over the world!!
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you felt in control?

Would you like to know how I lost 10 pounds in 30 days 
eating ice cream? 

Would you like to know how YOU can lose weight easily eating the foods you love? 

FACT:  In 2014 alone, Americans spent over $64 Billion on diets that didn't work!
Think about it! 

You are not wrong...

You've been told you need to do this, or eat this, or don't eat this....

Let me ask you....

How many times have you adjusted your habits according to what you SHOULD do?

Did it work??

It usually can work short term, but it rarely works long term unless you focus on you & the beautiful amazing body that holds the key to CHANGE!

The exterior behaviors only become long lasting if you first activate the internal mechanics of your body that creates change for good.

It's not that your body is broken or isn't capable of change....

It's just that you've been given the wrong information.

Your Body is Different than anyone else's on the planet and once you discover the secrets inside your body (not inside a bottle, a pill, or a formula)....

Your whole Life will change and you will experience the difference between wanting to feel better about yourself and actually knowing trusting and loving the person you see when you look in the mirror!

A Course in Possibilities

**90 Days of Online Coaching, Support, Videos, PDFs, and Clearings that you Have Lifetime Access to!
90 DAY COURSE in Possibilities!

What if changing your life and changing the story with your body could be adventure like never before?  
Laughter, change, and possibilities are waiting for you.....
Here's What's Inside the 90 Day Course: 
What would your life be like... 

If you loved the skin you are in?

If you knew how to communicate with your body to produce the results you wanted?

If you could end the war with you and your body?

You may not believe this is possible...
but what if there is a way? 
If you've ever tried a diet and felt the euphoria of feeling successful...then you know what it's like to have more energy, feel confident, enjoy your body, feel sexy, take risks, and so much more.  

And then...time passes, and you get tired and go off the diet, and then the feelings of euphoria wear off and you start to doubt you, your body, your choices...and you start searching for the next thing that will give you that shot of adrenaline, self-esteem, and personal knowing.  

Only problem matter how much success you've had with your body, there is still an internal struggle with you, your body, weight, food, and your appearance.

What if there was a way to find what works for your body long term?
6 Modules of HD Video Training
5 Video Lessons in Each Module
PDF  Guides with Tools, Questions and Clearings to                      expedite the effectiveness of the course
Audio versions of the videos to listen to while you drive, work, commute, cook
Clearing Loops to unwind the unconscious patterning around food, body, weight, self-esteem, and self-confidence
6 Live Group Coaching Calls with Katherine to Support You Throughout Your Journey (audio & video recordings, and clearing loops included with each call)
Personal access to Katherine & Private Facebook Group
Lifetime Access to the Course
PLUS BONUSES... to help you jump start your success!
          The majority of these tools and processes were taken from Access Consciousness. 
          It will change the way you create your life! 
          Access Consciousness - All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy, and Glory!
Here's a Breakdown of the Entire 90 Day Course Curriculum
Module 1 - Getting Started Guide - Setting you and your                        body up for success - Discover the secrets to 
                     being so focused nothing can take you off                             track.
Module 2 - Removing the Unconscious Blocks - Stop the                       Insanity of Self-Sabotage & Develop an                                 Unstoppable Mindset that will transform                               your body & life.
Module 3 - Re-Wiring your Brain and Body for Success                           Creating New Patterns & Behaviors that Last
                     Losing the weight is the easy part -                                         developing the confidence to keep it off for                         years...that's where the magic happens.
Module 4 - Communion With Your Body - Your Body is                           Your Longest Lasting Relationship so make it                       a healthy one.  Discover How with Total Ease.                       Never Doubt Your Choices Again.
Module 5 - Letting Go of Order - Unleash the energy &                          potency in your body, Increase Your                                      Awareness With your Body, & Discover the                           JOY that’s possible
Module 6 - Setting you up for a whole new way of being!                       Welcome to the YOU that knows anything is                         Possible!!
    Here's What you Get: 

A Course in Possibilities 90 Day Program - 
Lifetime Access!! - Value $2997

(Includes the Secret Mirror Exercise PDF)
6 Live Group Coaching Calls with Katherine 
to Support Your Journey - this is a place to get personal facilitation, clarity on how to change and transform the things that have been sticking you for years! - Value $297
10 Ways to Change Your Body NOW E-Book
& Audio Book - Value $97

4 90 Minute Bonus Calls - Value $497

3 Bonus Clearing Loops & an Expansion Exercise 
to Unwind all the Unconscious Patterning 
around food, compulsive eating, lack of self-esteem, creating your ideal body and so much more!! - 
Value $497

Private Facebook Group

Ask Questions, Get Inspired, Get the latest facebook live, ask for contributions and so much more!

Value Priceless

A $500 Gift Card to USE Toward The Live Events!

Value $500

(**Must complete the first 3 modules and must be used within 12 months of purchase**)

Private Session with Katherine

Get a 1:1 30 minute zoom session!

Value $500

    Total Value = $5,385 
Don't Pay $5,385

GET STARTED FOR JUST 1 Payment of $997
4 Payments of $297
If you are ready to discover your body’s unique blueprint and eliminate second guessing you, your body, your choices, your relationships and your life ever again.….

and stop the emotional dieting and weight yo-yo roller-coaster
 this course will teach you exactly how to develop a totally different relationship 
with you, your life, and your living.

What are some of the benefits others experienced from the course?

  • Lose up to 60 pounds
  • Lose over 4 or more dress sizes
  • Decrease the fat in your body
  • Increase your muscle tone
  • Crave different foods
  • Increase Your self-esteem
  • Let go of past trauma in body
  • Change pain in the body
  • Look and feel younger
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Gain more confidence
  • Discover foods your body actually loves 
  • Discover the clothes your body loves 
  • Better Sex
  • More intimacy with your relationships
  • Lose weight
  • More vitality
  • More youthfulness
  • Develop a healthy glow
  • Change the disease in your body
  • Diminish skin blemishes and acne
**These Benefits Are Possible IF you work the program, commit to the mirror exercise, clearing loops, calls, and show up every day. This program is designed to re-wire the way you see yourself...but you must DO the program to experience the benefits

DISCLAIMER: Other side affects include (but not limited to): Increase in Money Flows, Better Sex, More Orgasms, Random Fits of Joy, Unexpected Laughter, Things Showing Up as if by Magic, and More Presence in Every Area of Your Life!
Here's What Others Had to Say:
(More Videos Below!!)

Do you like the results they got?

What if you could get the results you desire?

Do you think that would change your life?
If you knew you could start to see immediate results, that were the lasting results you've always desired and you knew you could end the emotional, mental and physical rollercoaster of never feeling good enough, 
would you get started today?
Is it time for something different?
A Course in Possibilities

**90 Days of Online Coaching, Support, Videos, PDFs, and Clearings that you Have Lifetime Access to!
90 DAY COURSE in Possibilities!

What if changing your life and changing the story with your body could be adventure like never before?  
Laughter, change, and possibilities are waiting for you.....
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