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The Secret Money Forgot to Tell Your Body!

Paris October 17th, 2019
10am - 6pm

A One Day Adventure Like Never Before!
Want to know how you can tap into the inner knowing of your body?

Amazing one day class for coaches, facilitators, practitioners, healers, massage therapists and more!!

Your Body is one of the greatest tools of awareness!  

What if your body held within it all the resources you need to succeed?

What if your body knew exactly how to create money?

So many times we use our spiritual quest as an excuse to not have money, but money is for the body. A car is for your body. A Business is for your may nourish your soul, but ultimately almost everything we choose is for the body.

So what if money was as easy to have as breathing?

What would you create!?
(Includes Audio Recordings)
* Repeat Pricing of $350 available *
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