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A Taste of NJD - Two Hour Live Experience
Discover tools to transform your life
A 2-hour live call experience with Katherine McIntosh designed to help you get a taste of what living a life free of judgment would be like!
Aspen, Colorado | October 2
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From: Katherine McIntosh
Where: Aspen, Colorado

What if your body knows that there is a world of ease, joy, magic and possibility?

Do you remember when you were a little kid, you thought everything was possible?

You had no point of view about food. You had no point of view about what you could or couldn't do. You wanted to be and do everything and anything....

It was all possible.....

Until you started to:
  • try to fit in...
  • make yourself wrong...
  • get it right...
  • judge you... 
  • isolate...
  • hide in shame...
  • feel alone and believe that your situation is different...
I've been there and always felt like no one knew my story. And if they didn't know my story, the pain, the suffering, the tears, the using food to medicate the pain, the sadness, the lack of confidence, and the insecurity, and no one to turn to, then they couldn't help me.

I tried absolutely everything.

The No Judgment Diet is the missing piece that blends the tools of transformation with the processes to create a different mindset, a different reality, and newfound reason to embrace the joy of living and come out on the other side with time to breathe, awareness to create, and the drive and enthusiasm to truly LIVE!

Come experience a night of joy, laughter, and an energy that you have been asking for, 
but didn't know how to achieve until now!  

Transform Your Body. Transform Your Being. Transform Your Business. Transform Your Life.
Katherine McIntosh

Best two hours I have ever spent!

WOW!  The energy, the tools, and the clearings were amazing. I am looking forward to all the changes that will occur over the next 3 weeks.
I feel blessed to have experienced this time with you and look forward to more classes in the future. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!   
- Phyllis St Laurent     

Waking Up to Magic & Miracles
Wow what journey this has been.. this naked, vulnerable, open, exciting...
and somewhat soul shaking journey!
Thank you, thank you for the BEING you BE!!
A flicker of joy is a rising and you are the one who helped that flicker of
the flame of joy ignite. Already some magic and miracles are turning up in my life-and I'm so grateful. 

Increased Capacities with Clients

OMG I have to share how magnified, spacious and potent my energy and body and access work was today on my clients! Thank you Katherine for assisting me in stepping into the expansive world changing me I be! All my clients are choosing to step into the magnificent being they be, and the awareness work I did was so beyond anything I have ever done before! - Marsha

Money Flows & Forgiveness
Katherine- Just wanted to send you another huge Thank You! 
 Not only did you help me before with the whole forgiving myself thing but recently my money flows burst WIDE open! Thank you Thank you Thank you! What a gift You are! 
 - Heidi 

Transform Your Relationship With Your Body. Transform Your Life!

Thanks for sharing about the journals, I have some laying around taking up space, when I look inside it reminds me of how much I have changed for the better and best I can be, right now.
Thank you for showing me how to be in my beautiful body. Back then I would have never acknowledged my body as beautiful, your class has been a magical contribution to me and my life and future. Thank you Kathrine for being your beautiful self. - Letty

Turn it Up!  Receiving, Money, Joy, Body, Being

October 16 - 7pm - 9pm
The Secret Money Forgot to Tell Your Body!

October 17 - 10am - 6pm
The Possibilities with Business

October 18 - 20 - 10am - 6pm
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