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NO JUDGMENT DIET - 3 Day Live Event

Paris, October 18 - 20 2019 
10am - 6pm

A Three Day Adventure Like Never Before!!

Your Body is one of the greatest tools of awareness!  

What if your body held within it all the resources you need to succeed?

Succeed in Body, Health, Business, Relationships & Wealth

Have you ever had a brilliant idea, or you get inspired to change something you've always wanted to change, but didn't quite know how.

You get really excited, and then you share your dreams, aspirations, visions with someone and they start to give you all the reasons why...

Why you can't succeed...

Why you shouldn't start a business...

Why it will be hard...

Why it will take forever...  

Why you might not have the money to do so...

Why it's a crazy idea...

Don't waste your time...

And then your excitement starts to dwindle, or you start to doubt you, you start to doubt your knowing and you start to doubt the possibilities...

This happens to most people in almost every area of's a huge reason why only 5% of entrepreneurs are successful, 5% of dieters are successful, 5% of elite athletes are successful.

But here's the truth...If you don't doubt you, you have the capacity to 
create greatness, to inspire others, to build what you truly desire 
and to watch your life change as well as the lives of all those around you...

When you don't pay attention to the nay sayers, to the negativity, to the doubts, and to the judgments of others, you can access your awareness and have the space and discover what's truly possible beyond the judgments.

Judgments destroy business, they destroy relationships, and they destroy your bodies...

Ignoring our judgments can be an extremely costly endeavor.

So my friends.. if you are tired of pretending, tired of hiding, tired of saying you'll do it next week, next month, next year....

Waiting can be the most costly thing you can choose.

When you choose mediocrity, your entire life suffers.

It impacts your entire life.

It slows your metabolism, affects your relationships, makes you miss the important things in life, your body starts to break down, but worse, you miss out on the impact you can make in the world.

It is time to listen to your gut intuition and truly discover that your knowing has within it all the resources you need to bring greatness to fruition.

Wake Up.  

The World is Waiting for you to no longer hide, to stop making excuses, to step in and be the magic and gift you came here to be.

You are here to shine, to impact the world, and create change...

You were not born to hide.

This three day class will give you a window into a different possibility with your body, your business, your relationships, your parenting, your ability to create money & your ability to trust and know that if you truly want to...

you can create, have, and BE anything you desire. 

The question is...

Are you willing to choose it?

Create a Business, Body, & Life You Love!

What do you get during these 3 Days?
  • Discover How to Change Any Area of Your Life
  • Increase Your Joy
  • Transform Your Body
  • Get Clear on Your Vision
  • Stop Worrying about What Other People Think
  • Develop a Relationship With Your Body that Transforms Your Whole Being
  • Get Clear on the Future your Body Can Help You Create
  • Release Old Patterns & Lies
  • Activate the Energies That Make You Look & Feel Younger
  • Erase Wrinkles
  • Smooth Your Skin
  • Have more Energy
  • Increase Your Vitality
  • Create more Abundance in Every Area of Your Life
  • Run Body Processes that will Increase Your Metabolism, Give you More Peace, & Help you Change Any Area of your Body & Life that isn't Working
What's Included?
  • 3 Days of Life Changing, Body Transforming Days that Can Empower You to Change EVERY AREA of Your Life
  • 100 Plus Page Manual with Access Consciousness Body Processes
  • MP3 Audio Recordings of the Class
  • Personal and Group Facilitation
  • Gift and Receive 3 different body processes which you can integrate into your current business or personal practice
This three day event 
is an experience you have never had before!

I know you're probably thinking...

All of this just can't be possible in one live event!

Well, don't take my word for it...Check out what people are saying!
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