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A one day Deep Dive in getting to know 
The Capacities with Your Body!

Edmonton, June 6th, 2019
10am - 6pm
This One Day Class will Change the Way you 
Create Every Area of Your Life!
What if your body already knows how to create your life? Are you ready to activate your body's innate ability to heal itself, heal others, change the areas of your life that aren't working and so much more!

This one day class will teach you how to play with energy, increase your intuition, and follow your knowing to become a better mother, better parent, better business owner, better massage therapist, and so much more. If you work with other people in any way, this class will give you a level of space and peace and knowing you may not have ever experienced before.

What does your body know?  Are you ready to find out?

About Katherine:

Katherine McIntosh is an international facilitator, speaker, author, mom, and serial entrepreneur.  She is an Intuitive Body Expert and has been facilitating bodies all over the world for over 20 years including actors, musicians, NY Times Best Selling Authors, and beings from all over the world desiring a better quality of life and a better world.  She was born knowing that anything is possible but quickly discovered the rest of the world doesn’t think like that... Katherine rebelled against the norms and has been on a lifelong journey to be the brilliance she knows is possible & invite others to find their shine.

Founder of The No judgment Diet, Katherine believes that if you want to create a business, body, and life you love....and truly live an abundant life...stop judging you, your body, your creations, your parenting, and anything in between.

Judgments stop the magic. It’s time to wake up. What are you waiting for?
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Are you asking to know what you know?

Your whole life can change when you explore what you've always known....

Come experience a one day that can truly change your entire life!!
(Includes Audio Recordings)
* Repeat Pricing of $350 available *
* CAD Global Pricing available *
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