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Anxiety Gone!

Thank YOU! I came home and the life-long anxiety around eating has diminished 90% !!!
 - Suzanne

Weight Gone!

I have lost eleven pounds and eleven inches off my body so far. I have been stepping out of my comfort
zones to meet new people who seem to be open to “what else is possible?” 

I am so grateful to you, Katherine for your amazing creation of this program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Looking forward to play some more! - Gail

Never Give Up!

Katherine, you are my inspiration, your words, the way you express yourself, the way you pushed yourself to go further and move with your life. You make me want to never give up no matter what it is that is going on with my life and to take a deep breath and say "everything is going to be alright.” I hope to see you again and say thank you for how much
my life has changed in a way from the last time I've seen you. - Jaime

Judgments aren't real. 

They are an illusion that we use to stop ourselves from the life we could be choosing.

So if you've tried everything.....and you've tried judging you, your body, your bank account, your parenting, your relationships, and everything in between....

What if there was another way?

If you are ready to create your reality your way.... Your Body is a living, breathing, 
conscious entity that desires to help you create the life of your dreams!  

No more judging, no more worrying, no more stopping yourself from going beyond!

What would your life look like if you could co-create with your body?

Is now the time to be and do something different?

People who choose these events break free from the lies that are keeping them stuck....
no more lies....more joy, more space, more freedom, and more possibilities

This is about the potency of you.

Are you willing to choose?
Welcome to 4+ days to change your life!
If you could change your life in four plus days, what would that change for you?
Feel Supported & Have a Tribe to Celebrate & Encourage You.

I don't even know where to start..... 

I guess before anything else I
would like say THANK YOU! This program couldn't have had better timing! By the time I saw your program I was feeling frustrated, disappointed and had no idea of what else to do or who or where to turn to.... I felt I had reached a dead end. This program has been a life saver! I have felt so accompanied during this adventure... profound. .. and calming. Thank you so much for everything.


This Class Can Transform Your Business!!

What if your body knows how to generate and create your business in a way you never thought possible?  

Did you know that the stomach has more brain stem cells in it than your brain?  So when you get a gut feeling, it's actually your body's way of telling you that crazy idea that you had yesterday about your business, or about creating something that doesn't exist on the planet.  That is your body's way of inviting you to listen to the whispers of greatness!!

If you can perceive it, if you can dream it, then you have all of the resources inside of you to bring that idea into existence!!

Don't look outside of you for success, Look Inside, because there, when no one else can see it, when no one else can believe it, are all the cellular blueprints to the greatness inside of you!!

What do you know about business that no one else knows?  Don't give up your knowing!  Give up your judgments and allow the greatness to shine through and surprise you!!
Here's What Transformed for Others:

Do all 4.5 Days or Pick Your Options Below!

A Taste of No Judgment 
Two Hour Taster
Get a taste of what living a life free of judgment would be like!

Funny, Joyful, and Full of Incredible Nuggets you can use and implement in your life immediately.

Come get a taste of the tools that are transforming lives around the world.

Facilitating Bodies Beyond Judgment
One Day Class 
(includes the Two hour taster as a gift!) 
All about unveiling your awareness of bodies! 
Especially yours! 

Great for Body workers, Healers, Therapists Facilitators, Parents, Teachers, and Anyone who is in the business of caring for others!

Is it time to create something greater for you and those around you?

Creating Beyond Judgment
Three Day Class 
(includes the Two hour taster as a gift!) 
Putting it all together with no judgment, body processes, clearings, exercises, acitivities....and adventure that goes beyond anything you could ever imagine and give you a sense of communion with your 
body you've always desired.  
Includes a Manual packed FULL of information to 
support you on the adventure of LIVING.
* Global Pricing Applies for 1 and 3 Day classes only *

** Repeat Pricing Available **
Facilitating Bodies Beyond Judgment
Creating Beyond Judgment

*** Audio recordings included in ticket price ***

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What is the difference between the No Judgment Diet live events?
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June 5th - 9th Edmonton, Canada
A Taste of No Judgment 
June 5th 7pm - 9pm
One Day Deep Dive
June 6th
Creating Beyond Judgment
June 7th - 9th
June 20 - 24  Aspen, Colorado
A Taste of No Judgment 
June 20 7pm - 9pm
One Day Deep Dive
June 21 
Creating Beyond Judgment
June 22 - 24
October 3 - 7 Paris, France
A Taste of No Judgment 
October 3rd 7pm - 9pm
One Day Deep Dive
October 4th 10am - 6pm
Creating Beyond Judgment
October 5th - 7th 10am - 6pm
November 7 - 10 Budapest, Hungary
A Taste of No Judgment 
November 7th 7pm - 9pm
Creating Beyond Judgment
November 8th - 10th
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